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SBHE December 6, 2018

North Dakota Board of Higher Education
Meeting Notice and Agenda

December 6, 2018

The State Board of Higher Education will meet on Thursday, December 6, 2018, at 11:30 a.m. CT. at Bismarck State College, National Energy Center of Excellence, Bavendick room, 1200 Schafer Street, Bismarck, ND 58501. The live video stream can be viewed at:

Call to Order
# Action Items

# Board Business
1. 1st reading, waive 2nd, final adoption - Policy 303.1 Board Meetings and Agendas - Eric Olson

# Board Consent Agenda
2. Agenda
3. October 25, 2018, Meeting Minutes

4. SBHE Academic and Student Affairs Committee
New Program(s)
a) DCB-Certificate and A.A.S. in Agriculture Management and Technology, CIP Code 01.0101
b) DSU-Master in Entrepreneurship, CIP Code 52.0701
c) UND-Undergraduate Certificate in Go Global Academy, CIP Code 30.2601
d) UND-Minor in Essential Studies: Citizenship in the 21st Century, CIP Code 24.0101
e) UND-Minor in Essential Studies: Creativity, Innovation, & Change, CIP Code 24.0101
f) UND-Minor in Essential Studies: Freedom, Privacy, & Technology, CIP Code 24.0101
g) UND-Minor in Essential Studies: Global Connections, CIP Code 24.01010
h) VCSU-Undergraduate Certificate and Minor in Adapted Physical Education, CIP Code 13.1099

5. SBHE Budget and Finance Committee
a) Request approval to restate plan summary documents for 403 (b) and 457 (b) to include lump sum buyouts and leave payouts as eligible compensation for salary deferral.
b) Request approval for the 2019-20 Room, Board and Fee rate Guidelines.
c) DSU requests to ratify the Chancellor's interim authorization for DSU to increase the spending authority for the May Hall Mechanical Renovations from $1,280,000, to $1,410,000, an increase of $130,000 to be funded from auxiliary funds.
d) DSU requests to ratify the Chancellor's interim authorization for DSU to increase the spending authority for the renovation of Woods Hall from $1,800,000 to $1,971,000, an increase of $171,000 to be funded from auxiliary funds.
e) MiSU requests to increase spending authority for the seating maintenance and renovation project at the MSU Dome from $2.2 million to $2.8 million to be funded through external, privately-raised dollars. Also authorize Minot State University to advance $300,000 in local funds for project construction costs to be paid back as donor promises are realized.
f) VCSU requests to transfer $529,333 from the VCSU operations line to the capital assets line, as authorized in SB2003 (Section 20), for the 2017-19 biennium. VCSU will use these funds to complete $816,726 of projected comprised of the following:
Repair McFarland Roof, soffits, downspouts - $150,000
Fire Escape refinish - $24,000
Emergency Generator for student center - $143,089
Boiler hookups and stack for small boiler at heat plant - $342,000
Library Fire Alarm upgrade - $77,637
Miscellaneous small projects - $80,000
VCSU will fund $544,484 from VCSU operations line and use $272,242 of the 2:1 match dollars to fund these projects.

Other Reports:
6. NDSA - Jared Melville
7. CCF - Birgit Pruess
8. Staff Senate - Andy Wakeford

Chancellor Report
9. Envision 2030 Update/Biennial Review (formerly the NDUS Edge) - Chancellor Hagerott
Information Technology Status Report - Darin King
10. Lumina Report - Phil Wisecup
11. Legislative Update/Process - Tammy Dolan
12. Title IX Notice of Proposed Rulemaking - Eric Olson and Chris Pieske
13. Update on Status of Labor Complaint - Eric Olson

# Board Business
14. Executive Session
The Board will move to enter executive session, if necessary, for attorney consultation related to the discrimination complaint filed by Dr. Lisa Feldner with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the potential for a subsequent lawsuit. The executive session shall be limited to voting Board members, nonvoting advisors, the executive assistant to the Board, and the Board's legal counsel.

The legal authority for closing this portion of the meeting is North Dakota Century Code section 44-04-19.1(2), (5).

15. UND Summary of Bond Proposals
a) UND request approval of a $25 million capital project request for parking infrastructure at UND, including authority to issue self-liquidating revenue bonds in an amount sufficient to fund deferred maintenance related to parking infrastructure. Further, authorize the System Office and UND to solicit approval for the project from the 66th Legislative Assembly.
b) UND requests approval of the resolution submitted this day authorizing the North Dakota University System to pursue legislative changes related to project financing mechanisms.
16. 1st Reading, Policy 409 Degrees Offered - Katie Fitzsimmons
17. 1st Reading, Policy 440 Enrollment Reporting - Katie Fitzsimmons
18. 2nd Reading, Policy 403.1 Academic Program Requests - Katie Fitzsimmons
The proposed edits to SBHE Policy 403.1 Program approval has been rewritten to combine policies 403.1 Program Approval, 403.1.1 Program Termination, and 403.1.3 Inactive Programs. Policies 403.1.1 and 403.1.3 would be deleted.
19. 2nd Reading, Policy 605.1 Academic Freedom and Tenure; Academic Appointments - Eric Olson
20. Governor Burgum's 2019-21 Executive Budget - Tammy Dolan

Present Recognition Plaque to Margaret Dahlberg as VCSU Interim President - Chair Morton

Public Comment
Assessment of Meeting and Future Agenda Items
Future Board Meeting: January 24, 2019, via technology

Contact Kristie Hetzler (701) 328-2966 or prior to the scheduled meeting date if auxiliary aids or services are needed.

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