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SBHE January 25, 2018

North Dakota Board of Higher Education
Meeting Notice and Agenda
January 25, 2018

The State Board of Higher Education will meet on January 25, 2018, at 9:00 a.m. CT., via IVN originating from Bismarck State College, National Energy Center of Excellence, Bavendick room, 1200 Schafer Street, Bismarck, ND 58501. The live video stream can be viewed at:

Other IVN Locations:
BSC/National Energy Ctr of Excellence/ Bavendick Stateroom 415/1200 Schafer St.
DCB/Thatcher Hall President Office/105 Simrall Blvd.
DSU/Klinefelter Hall/room 230/233 Campus Dr.
NDSU/Old Main 102/President Office/1340 Administration Ave.
UND/Information Technology Bldg/rm 142/4349 James Ray Dr.
LRSC/Main bldg./President's office/1801 College Dr. N.
MaSU/Old Main room113/President Office/330 3rd Street NE.
MiSU/Administration Bldg./2nd Floor/President's office/500 University Ave W.
WSC/Stevens Hall/President Office/1410 University Ave.
VCSU/McFarland Hall 216/President's Office/101 College St. SE.

Call to Order
# Action Items

# Board Business
1. Agenda
2. November 30, 2017, Meeting Minutes
3. VCSU Presidential Search

# Board Policy
4. 1st Reading, Policy 916.1 - Possession of a Firearm or Dangerous Weapon in a Campus

Chancellor Report/Updates
5. Mayville State University Presidential Search
6. Governor's task force on Higher Education Governance
7. Lumina Grant
8. SB2003

# SBHE Academic and Student Affairs Committee Consent - Mike Ness
New Program(s) - Stage II (Program Review Date: One year after first class graduates)
9. BSC - B.A.S. in Cybersecurity and Information Technology, CIP Code 11.1003, via on-campus and distance delivery, using new prefix of CIT
10. DSU - B.S. in Information Analytics, CIP Code 11.0401, via on-campus and distance delivery
11. MiSU - B.S. in Early Childhood Education, CIP Code 13.1210, via on-campus and distance delivery
12. NDSU - M.A. in Communication, CIP Code 09.0100, via on-campus and distance delivery
13. UND - B.S. and M.S. in Data Science, CIP Code 11.0802, via on-campus and distance delivery
14. UND - Undergraduate Certificate in Behavioral Health, CIP Code 51.1599, via on-campus and distance delivery
15. UND - Undergraduate Certificate in Chinese, CIP Code 16.0301, via on-campus
16. UND - Undergraduate Certificate in Classical Languages, CIP Code 16.1200, via on-campus
17. UND - Undergraduate Certificate in French, CIP Code 16.0901, via on-campus
18. UND - Undergraduate Certificate in German, CIP Code 15.0501, via on-campus
19. UND - Undergraduate Certificate in Norwegian, CIP Code 16.0505, via on-campus
20. UND - Undergraduate Certificate in Spanish, CIP Code 15.0905, via on-campus
21. UND - Undergraduate Certificate in Cyberpsychology, CIP Code 30.3101, via on-campus and distance delivery
22. UND - Undergraduate Certificate in Forensic Psychology, CIP Code 42.2812, via on-campus and distance delivery
23. UND - Graduate Certificate in Applied Economics, CIP Code 45.0602, via on-campus and distance delivery
24. UND - Graduate Certificate in Behavioral Data Analytics, CIP Code 13. 0699, via on-campus and distance delivery
25. UND - Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity and Behavior, CIP Code 30.3101, via on-campus and distance delivery
26. UND - Graduate Certificate in Learning Analytics, CIP Code 13.0699, via on-campus and distance delivery
27. UND - Graduate Certificate in Quantitative Research Methods, CIP Code 13.0603, via on-campus and distance delivery
28. UND - Graduate Certificate, M.S. and M.Engr. in Unmanned Aircraft Systems Engineering, CIP Code 14.2701, via on-campus and distance delivery
29. UND - Minor, B.S., and M.S. in Cybersecurity, CIP Code 11.1003, via on-campus and distance delivery
30. UND - Minor in Unmanned Aircraft Systems, CIP Code 49.0101, via on-campus and distance delivery

Program Termination(s)
31. NDSU - Undergraduate Certificate in Animal Health Management, CIP Code 01.0903
32. NDSU - Undergraduate Certificate in Equine Science, CIP Code 01.0507
33. NDSU - Undergraduate Certificate in Therapeutic Riding, CIP Code 51.2309
34. NDSU - Minor in Vaccinology, CIP Code 51.2099
35. NDSU - M.S. in Botany, CIP Code 26.0301
36. UND - B.S. in Occupational Safety & Environmental Health, CIP Code 51.2202
37. UND - Ph.D. in Communication Sciences & Disorders, CIP Code 51.0204

# SBHE Budget and Finance Committee Consent - Nick Hacker
38. NDSCS to transfer of $152,000 from the NDSCS operations line to the capital assets line, as authorized in SB2003 (Section 20), for the 2017-19 biennium. NDSCS will use these funds to complete miscellaneous repair projects related to boilers, concrete repair, flooring updates and structural repairs to a building.
39. NDSU to proceed with the Elevator Replacement Project at Stockbridge Hall at an estimated cost of $350,000 to be funded from auxiliary local funds.
40. BSC authorization to transfer of $124,374 in BSC one-time general fund appropriations from operating to capital as per SB2003 section 20.
41. 2018-2019 Room, Board and Fees Guidelines

SBHE Governance Report - Kathleen Neset
42. Upldate on Current Governance Committee Tasks

Other Reports:
43. NDSA - Kaleb Dschaak
44. CCF - Debora Dragseth
45. Staff Senate - Retha Mattern

Public Comment

Assessment of Meeting and Future Agenda Items

Future Board Meeting: February 22, 2018, Face-to-face at Bismarck State College.

Contact Kristie Hetzler (701) 328-2966 or prior to the scheduled meeting date if auxiliary aids or services are needed.

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