North Dakota University System

Accounting Manual and Forms

The North Dakota University System accounting manual and the forms located on this page are intended for use by financial officers and accounting personnel on NDUS campuses.


Fiscal Year End Entries FY16 (document)
File Size: 74.26 kb

NDUS Accounting Manual (Updated Apirl 27, 2018) (document)
File Size: 2077.7 kb

NDUS Chart of Accounts as of April 27, 2018 (document)
File Size: 390.74 kb

Common Accounting Transactions FY 2009 (document)
File Size: 52 kb

Capital Lease Determination Worksheet (document)
File Size: 223.5 kb

Asset Impairment Flowchart (document)
File Size: 14.32 kb

Fixed Asset Entries (document)
File Size: 55.5 kb

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