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Common Course Numbering (CCN)

The transfer of coursework among University System campuses, North Dakota tribal colleges and North Dakota private colleges is made easier by the use of a common course numbering system. The common course numbering guidelines can be found in the University System procedures manual (NDUS Procedure 403.7.3).

In addition to sharing the same numbers, courses with common, transferable content are identified by the same names and have common course descriptions.

To find out if a specific course is transferable, click on the appropriate link below.

Academic Skills Course  (document)
File Size: 277.4 kb
Accounting  (document)
File Size: 366.46 kb
Agriculture  (document)
File Size: 437.25 kb
Allied Health and Related Sciences  (document)
File Size: 465.87 kb
American Sign Language  (document)
File Size: 289.6 kb
Anthropology  (document)
File Size: 166.83 kb
Art/Visual Art  (document)
File Size: 323.6 kb
Automotive and Diesel Technology  (document)
File Size: 580.54 kb
Aviation/Aerospace Science  (document)
File Size: 170.09 kb
Biological Life Sciences  (document)
File Size: 438.19 kb
Business  (document)
File Size: 687.75 kb
Chemistry  (document)
File Size: 444.33 kb
Communication  (document)
File Size: 277.43 kb
Communication Disorders  (document)
File Size: 194.3 kb
Computer Information Systems  (document)
File Size: 349.88 kb
Computer Science  (document)
File Size: 297.06 kb
Construction Trades  (document)
File Size: 505.78 kb
Criminal Justice  (document)
File Size: 288.79 kb
Early Childhood Education  (document)
File Size: 345.51 kb
Economics  (document)
File Size: 204.39 kb
Education  (document)
File Size: 191.99 kb
Engineering/Engineering Related  (document)
File Size: 386.46 kb
English  (document)
File Size: 542.08 kb
Foreign Language/Ethnic Studies  (document)
File Size: 323.42 kb
Geographical Information Systems  (document)
File Size: 283.39 kb
Geography  (document)
File Size: 207.43 kb
Geology  (document)
File Size: 212.25 kb
Gerontology  (document)
File Size: 167.1 kb
History  (document)
File Size: 286.61 kb
Hospitality  (document)
File Size: 217.68 kb
Humanities  (document)
File Size: 210.35 kb
Industrial Technology  (document)
File Size: 369.91 kb
Mathematics/Statistic  (document)
File Size: 276.57 kb
Mechanics & Technology  (document)
File Size: 640.57 kb
Medical Laboratory Sciences  (document)
File Size: 198.34 kb
Music  (document)
File Size: 261.35 kb
Natural Resources  (document)
File Size: 184.21 kb
Nursing   (document)
File Size: 388.72 kb
Park/Rec/Leisure/Health & PE  (document)
File Size: 350.78 kb
Philosophy & Religion  (document)
File Size: 258.96 kb
Physics   (document)
File Size: 245.82 kb
Political Science  (document)
File Size: 232.79 kb
Protective Services  (document)
File Size: 161.11 kb
Psychology  (document)
File Size: 379.58 kb
Public Administration and Services  (document)
File Size: 165.09 kb
Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)  (document)
File Size: 170.04 kb
Social Sciences  (document)
File Size: 171.87 kb
Social Work  (document)
File Size: 177.71 kb
Sociology  (document)
File Size: 231.97 kb
Theatre and Dance  (document)
File Size: 199.32 kb
Welding  (document)
File Size: 218.82 kb
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