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SBHE Policies

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SUBJECT: 100s: Introduction EFFECTIVE: November 21, 2002
Section: 100.5 Beliefs and Core Values of the State Board of Higher Education

  1. The SBHE believes:
    1. The most valuable asset of any state is its human capital: well-educated and highly skilled citizens, employees, business owners, community leaders, and contributing members of society.
    2. A brighter future for North Dakota is directly linked to and dependent upon its University System. Likewise, a brighter future for the North Dakota University System is linked to the economy of North Dakota.
    3. The NDUS, with the elected and private sector leadership in North Dakota,can and should take positive steps to enhance the economy of North Dakota.
    4. Depopulation is a major threat to the overall viability of North Dakota and if not addressed, with urgency, the infrastructure, quality of life, and services available to the citizens of the state will diminish.
    5. The faculty are the foundation of the NDUS.
    6. Performance of the NDUS will be enhanced in an environment which is conducive to innovation, creativity, and flexibility - coupled with appropriate accountability.
    7. In the implementation of education programs and curriculums to meet the needs of a culturally diverse student population and to prepare students to interact in an increasing pluralistic society.
    8. The citizens and the legislature created and expect the NDUS to function as a system; i.e., to collaborate, whenever appropriate and feasible, in offering programs, serving students and citizens, and in providing administrative services.
    9. The benefits of the NDUS can and should be available to all of North Dakota, geographically and demographically.
    10. It is important for all the key stakeholders of the NDUS to adopt and apply the same set of expectations and accountability measures which were identified and agreed to by the 1999 roundtable on higher education.
    11. It is possible to create a university system for the twenty-first century, as envisioned by the 1999 roundtable on higher education and further believe making it a reality will require all entities to do their part as described in the report of the roundtable.

  2. These core values are to be reflected in how the SBHE and all personnel of the NDUS carry out responsibilities on a daily basis:
    1. High integrity;
    2. Open, honest, forthright and mutually respectful in discussion and actions;
    3. Trustworthy;
    4. Accountable;
    5. Cooperative valued partner with other state agencies and entities;
    6. Responsible stewards of state investment in the NDUS;
    7. Scholarship and the pursuit of excellence in the discovery, sharing, and application of knowledge; and
    8. Support and embrace diversity.

New policy, SBHE minutes, March 30, 2001; Amendment, SBHE minutes, November 21, 2002; Revised by legal counsel, April 30, 2018.
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