NDSU Challey Institute to search for five tenure-track faculty

NDSU Challey Institute to search for five tenure-track faculty


NDSU’s Sheila and Robert Challey Institute for Global Innovation and Growth recently announced five searches for tenure-track faculty that will take place this academic year. The Institute has the ambitious goal of recruiting 14 highly-talented tenure-track faculty over the next three years.

As an interdisciplinary institute, the Challey Institute will recruit faculty members from multiple disciplines to reside in departments across the NDSU campus. These faculty will contribute to teaching, research and service in their departments, but will do so in a way that advances the Challey Institute’s mission by generating policy-relevant research, educating students and communicating research results and implications to the general public.

The departments where these tenure-track faculty will reside, and their research focus areas are:

  • Department of Computer Science, in cybersecurity innovation and policy
  • Department of Finance, in international financial economics
  • Department of Human Development and Family Science, in early childhood education, family financial issues or family business
  • Department of Management and Marketing, in international entrepreneurship
  • Department of Political Science, in political economy of development

Like the Faculty Fellows that were previously announced by the Challey Institute, the faculty will represent a diverse group, with new hires occurring in five different NDSU departments and four NDSU colleges. The wide range of skills they bring to NDSU will complement those of existing NDSU Faculty Fellows and other faculty, in order to tackle important problems.

“The variety of disciplines represented by the new hires and the Faculty Fellows is exactly what we envisioned with this Institute,” said Scott Beaulier, Ronald and Kay Olson Dean of Business at NDSU. “This interdisciplinary group will set a strong foundation for the Institute’s success, and make important contributions to the university, the community and the world.”

“The NDSU community has been very innovative in thinking of ways that various disciplines can contribute to solving big problems associated with economic opportunity,” said John Bitzan, director of the Sheila and Robert Challey Institute for Global Innovation and Growth. “These new professors will help us understand important issues, such as how to encourage innovation while also protecting data in the digital age, the ways that trade and immigration policies affect economic opportunity, and ways that we can facilitate the startup and sustainability of family businesses.”

The searches are an example of how generous donors are making a difference at NDSU. “In an environment where resources are scarce, we’re excited to be working with the Challey Institute to support hiring that’s critical to their mission and our own success,” Margaret Fitzgerald, dean of the College of Human Sciences and Education.

The Sheila and Robert Challey Institute for Global Innovation and Growth aims to advance understanding in the areas of innovation, trade and institutions to identify policies and solutions that enhance economic growth and opportunity. Job postings for the positions will be made available at jobs.ndsu.edu.

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