North Dakota University System
The State Board of Higher Education is the policy-setting and advocacy body for the North Dakota University System and the governing body for North Dakota's 11 publicly supported colleges and universities. The SBHE also oversees the NDSU Extension Service and Agricultural Research Stations, Northern Crops Institute, State Forest Service and the Upper Great Plans Transportation Institute.

The SBHE is made up of seven citizen members appointed to four-year terms by the governor and one student appointed by the governor to serve a one-year term. The Council of College Faculties selects the board's non-voting faculty advisor, and the NDUS Staff Senate selects the board's non-voting staff advisor.

General board communication may be sent to

Board Roles & Responsibilities

SBHE Policy 100.4 - Mission and vision of the NDUS
SBHE Policy 100.5 - Beliefs and core values of the SBHE
SBHE Policy 100.6 - Authority and responsibility of the SBHE
SBHE Policy 310.1 - Board president and member responsibilities

SBHE and SBHE Committee Meeting Schedule. Meetings are listed under the University System, North Dakota entity.

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