COVID-19 Healthy Habits on Campus Video Competition or “#COVIDChallenge”

#COVIDChallenge Submission Form


Part A: Guidelines & Procedure


  • This is a video competition among each of the 11 public institutions in the North Dakota University System.


  • The goal of the video is to spread awareness to students as well as community members of healthy practices students should be practicing on and off campus to help minimize the spread of COVID-19.


  • The video should contain the following information listed in section B, however, the type of production (cellphone, campus video production), other dialogue, and theme of video is left to the group’s discretion.


  • The video should be no longer than one minute in length and include at least three CDC approved recommendations for preventing the spread of COVID-19 (see below for further details). Videos can be made through the creators desired platform (YouTube, iMovie, TikTok, etc.) and should not contain any copyright music or trademarks that would prevent it from being shared on social media.


  • Videos must adhere to students’ respective campus Code of Student Life guidelines. Videos cannot contain alcohol, swearing, inappropriate behavior, etc. The NDUS will maintain the right to disqualify videos that they feel include any of the listed prohibited behaviors or any videos that are not felt to be in the spirit of creating healthy campuses.


Videos must first be emailed in a direct link to:


  • Please include the submission form with your email.

Challenge will be focused primarily on Twitter. Participants will post their submissions with the hashtag #COVIDChallenge[their university’s abbreviation]. Examples: #COVIDChallengeNDSCS, #COVIDChallengeBSC, #COVIDChallengeNDSU. Whichever video has the most likes for each individual campus will move on to the final round.


Participants are students and submissions can be affiliated with a particular student organization. Each video can have up to four creators credited for the work.


Final round voting will be hosted by the NDUS twitter through twitter polls. The research universities will compete against each other, the two-year colleges will compete against each other, and the remaining four-year institutions will compete against each other.


Challenge Schedule

  • Institutional Round (competition to find best video from each campus): due by Monday, Sept. 14 in order to be considered. Institutional Round voting ends at 5:00 pm CT on Friday, Sept. 18.


  • Campus vs. Campus Round: begins Monday, Sept. 21 and ends Wednesday, Sept. 23 at 5:00 pm CT.


Rewards and Recognition

  • Institutional Rounds: Each institution will be tasked with finding an appropriate reward for the creators of the winning submission on their campus.


  • Campus vs. Campus (Final) Round: The President on the campuses who don’t win the video challenge will need to wear apparel from the winning campus at some sort of event and take a photo OR any other challenge/reward as agreed upon between competing universities’ Presidents.


  • Governor’s Choice Video Award: Chosen by the Governor and his staff as their favorite video, regardless of the video’s number of likes or votes.


**Important** the video is encouraged to be light-hearted and positive. Humor is encouraged!

Part B: Required Content

Pick three of the following CDC/WHO facts and/or recommendations to include in your video:


General Facts on COVID-19:
• COVID-19 primarily spreads through saliva and other bodily fluids
• COVID-19 can be spread by people who are not showing symptoms
• Individuals with weak immune systems are more vulnerable


Recommendations to avoid spreading or worsening the disease:
• Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for 20 seconds
• Regularly use hand sanitizer
• Maintain at least six feet of distance between you and other people in public
• Avoid touching your face with unwashed hands
• Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing
• Stay home if you don’t feel well
• Follow travel guidelines
• Stay away from large groups of people, where possible
• Clean and disinfect frequently used surfaces
• Refrain from smoking and other activities that weaken the lungs
• Wear a face covering or mask in public
• Contact health officials or get tested if you begin experiencing symptoms


For more information please visit the following websites:


#COVIDChallenge Submission Form