ND Scholars Program

The ND Scholars Award provides merit-based, full-tuition scholarships to qualifying North Dakota high school graduates who choose to stay in North Dakota to earn a first bachelor’s degree.



Eligibility and Qualifications

    • High school students who score at least a 30 composite score on the ACT or SAT equivalent of all the ND test-takers, who took the ACT or SAT prior to July 1st in the calendar year preceding the individual’s enrollment in college, will be considered for the award.
    • Students will be awarded in descending rank order, based on test scores, until available funds are expended or until the pool of applicants has been exhausted.
    • Funding is limited and therefore, not all students who score 30 or higher for their composite score (SAT equivalent) will receive the award.


Amount of the Award

    • The amount of the scholarship is equal to no more than the regular undergraduate tuition rate, which is based on the NDUS Institutional Charges Schedule using 15 credits per semester.  The award will not exceed the highest regular undergraduate tuition rate in the NDUS, or actual tuition charges, whichever is lower, at non-public institutions.
    • Scholars may receive the award for no more than eight semesters or twelve quarters of full-time undergraduate enrollment, or until the attainment of a baccalaureate degree, whichever occurs first.
    • Students may use the award at the state’s public, tribal, or private institutions, provided the colleges have programs of study of at least 2 years in length.
    • ND Scholars may not be awarded above the cost of attendance (COA).


How to Apply

    • Take the ACT or SAT Assessment prior to July 1 in the calendar year preceding the student’s full-time enrollment in college (junior year).
    • No separate application is needed.
    • Students will be notified in their senior year of high school if selected for the award.


If you have questions, please contact the NDUS at ndfinaid@ndus.edu or 701-328-2964.