Health Insurance

The North Dakota University System (NDUS) is pleased to offer health insurance coverage to international NDUS students through United Healthcare insurance company. Domestic students (i.e. American citizens) are not required by the NDUS to carry coverage; however, the Affordable Care Act does require that you carry some sort of health insurance. If you would like assistance with selecting health insurance, please contact Katie Fitzsimmons at the System Office.


DSU Nursing Student

The NDUS requires all international students to have health insurance in place and verified (see Policy 505) but in some cases, an international student is able to secure a waiver from the NDUS health insurance plan. To learn more about the waiver criteria and process, please click here.





Domestic Students

The NDUS UHCSR Plan will no longer offer coverage to domestic students (both graduate and undergraduate domestic students) once the terms of the current 2018-2019 plan end on August 15, 2019. NDUS encourages students with UHCSR coverage to seek alternate health care coverage as there are multiple alternative health care insurance options available.


Navigating the topic of health insurance can be confusing and intimidating. You may consult the Health Insurance Marketplace at to select an alternate plan and information, or if you would like assistance, please contact Maureen Potucek, UND Student Health Services Insurance Coordinator. Maureen is extending her services to all NDUS students across the state free of charge (not just UND students) who need alternative medical insurance. Maureen welcomes the opportunity to navigate the Health Insurance Marketplace with you in person or by phone, and/or assist you in finding health insurance coverage or medical assistance that meets your needs. Maureen’s contact information is: 701-777-3457 or


For domestic students on the 2018-2019 plan: There is one important step that you must complete prior to shopping around for a new health insurance plan: please request a Certificate of Credible Coverage from UHCSR by contacting UHCSR Customer Service at 1-800-767-0700. Having this documentation is key to securing new health insurance coverage outside of the open enrollment period. Federal mandate allows 60 days of Special Enrollment Period (SEP) to apply for new coverage (roughly until October 14, 2019). If the 60 days SEP are exceeded, you will need to wait until the open enrollment period begins on November 1st, 2019 to obtain new health care coverage. Bear in mind that enrolling in coverage is not instantaneous; plans will have a lag time before going into effect, so it is best to plan ahead and act early.


We encourage you to research the many options available to you and to consult with Maureen for a smooth transition. If you have any other questions, please contact your campus contact professional listed below.


International Students
International students are automatically enrolled by semester in the student health insurance plan by their institution. A student may opt-in to NDUS health insurance coverage prior to automatic enrollment to expedite confirmation of coverage. The premium cost is billed to the international student’s campus connection account. If an international student wants to waive this health insurance coverage, comparable coverage must be in place and verified through the waiver process. Click here to learn more. Waiver application deadline is Wednesday, September 4, 2019.


All full-time undergraduate and graduate international students, actively taking classes on campus, are eligible to enroll.

“Full-time” is defined as:

  1. Undergraduate students enrolled in 12 or more credit hours each semester
  2. Graduate students enrolled in:
    • 9 credits each fall and spring term, or 
    • UND student enrolled in 6 credits and a 20-hour per week graduate assistantship each fall and spring term, or 
    • NDSU student enrolled in 5 credits and a 20-hour per week graduate assistantship each fall and spring term, or
    • NDSU or UND student whose Certification Enrollment Status, approved by the Graduate School, confirms the student’s full time status
  3. Additionally, eligible students who enroll may insure their dependents as well. Eligible dependents are the student’s legal spouse/domestic partner and dependent children under 26 years of age. The student must be enrolled in order to access an enrollment opportunity for dependents
  4. Students eligible for this insurance plan must be actively attending class in person. Students that are primarily enrolled in online courses, home study programs, or correspondence courses do not fulfill the eligibility requirements
  5. This list is not exhaustive; each applicant must review the insurance policy information and base eligibility determinations upon that review. If a student is found to be ineligible for the policy, United Healthcare will remove the student from the policy. If you have questions if you are eligible or not, please contact Katie Fitzsimmons at the NDUS Office
  6. If you have questions about the plan, please refer to your Campus Contact(s)


Plan Coverage Periods and Premiums
To add a spouse and/or dependent, the rate and coverage periods are the same as the student rate.


International Students
Annual (August 16, 2019-August 15, 2020): $1978.00

Fall (August 16, 2019 – December 31, 2019): $746.00
Spring/Summer (January 1, 2020-August 15, 2020): $1,232.00

All premium costs are due upon enrollment.

For detailed information visit:
The United Healthcare
United Healthcare’s customer services: 1-877-433-6667 or


Campus Contacts for Student Health Insurance Plan:

Bismarck State College
Mary Eisenbraun


Karen Erickson


Dakota College at Bottineau
Larry Brooks – Domestic


Heidi Hauf – International


Dickinson State University
Feifei Zhong – Domestic


Wynter Miller- International


Lake Region State College
Kristi Kienast Hernandez


Mayville State University
Andrew Pflipsen


Minot State University
Libby Claerbout


North Dakota State College of Science
Shari Thompson


North Dakota State University
Sara Terfehr


Sara Johnson – International


University of North Dakota
Maureen Potucek – Domestic


Amy Senger – International


Valley City State University
Erica Buchholz


Williston State College
Kaylyn Bondy


For general inquiries:
North Dakota University System Office
Katie Fitzsimmons