Student Safety

Emergency Notification System

Providing students with safe campus environments is a top priority for the North Dakota University System. NotiFind is the emergency notification system used by all 11 University System campuses. The system is used to provide information and instructions to students, faculty, staff members and others when a situation poses an urgent or immediate threat to health or safety.


Significantly disrupts campus activities, such as a weather-related closing.


NotiFind uses cell-based telephone and text messaging, land lines and e-mail to send alerts. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in NotiFind. All University System employees, including student employees, are required to participate. For more information about how NotiFind works on a particular campus, visit the campus website.


Alcohol and Other Drugs
All University System campuses are dry, which means the possession, sale, dispensation or consumption of alcohol or other drugs is prohibited on campus grounds, in campus buildings, in campus-owned vehicles and at all college-affiliated events held on or off campus.


University System campuses devote significant resources and employ a variety of prevention efforts to support healthy decision-making by students regarding alcohol and other drugs. Prevention efforts include enforcing policies; providing late-night, alcohol-free events; and offering counseling.


A common misconception regarding college life is that all students drink alcohol. However, nearly 30 percent of North Dakota college students report they don’t drink at all, and over 88 percent say using alcohol isn’t necessary to have a good time (2008 North Dakota CORE Survey).