Broadband Philosophy


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The North Dakota University System Human Resource Council is responsible for managing bands (as defined by the US Department of Education). The bands include job families of positions with similar skills.


The broadbanding process is initiated when a position description is submitted to the institution’s Human Resource office. From there, the campus Human Resource Office is responsible for the assignment of staff positions to the proper band and job family after review by other Human Resource offices within the University system.


If the employee or employee’s supervisor is dissatisfied with a broadbanding decision, an appeal may be initiated by the completion and submission of a broadbanding appeal form.


The following guidelines provide the philosophical foundation for broadbanding classifications in the NDUS:


  • Title usage should be consistent throughout the institution
  • Titles will match the position description responsibilities and reflect the job family to which the position has been assigned
  • Titles should be consistent with those in the higher education
  • Titles will be short and communicate an immediate understanding of the position (mainframe computer has space for 25 characters)


The title examples for each of the job bands below are just that – examples. The examples are not intended to represent a finite list from which to choose. If a title you wish to use is not on the list, it should be developed in the context of the philosophy above.


Modifiers to the examples would be appropriate in many cases. For instance, in job family 5105, “coordinator” is one of the title examples. It would be more clear to use the title “mail coordinator.”


Broadband Title Examples 1000

Broadband Title Examples 3000

Broadband Title Examples 4000

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