Intersession Dates: December 20, 2021 – January 7, 2022

Want to accelerate your degree? Do you need additional credits? You can take courses during the break between fall and spring semester to catch up or move ahead. NDUS institutions are offering online courses that are open to all students from other colleges and universities. Courses are transferrable to other academic institutions.


What is an intersession?

An intersession is a short session that occurs in the three weeks between the fall and spring semesters. Intersession classes are intense, because they deliver a full semester class in a very short time frame. For this reason, students may consider taking one class (up to four credit hours) during an intersession.


How are intersession courses different from regular courses?

Due to the short time frame, courses meet longer each day and may require work outside the classroom. Many students find that being immersed in a single subject they are studying every day helps them learn and retain information better.


Who should take an intersession course?

There are many reasons to take an intersession course. Students may have fallen behind or switched majors and need an extra class to stay on track for timely graduation. They may want to reduce their course load the following semester, so they have more time to focus on each class. They may have had difficulty passing a course and want to retake it in an immersive atmosphere without the distraction of 3–5 other classes.


How to enroll into an intersession course?

Reach out to the Admission Office at the institution that is offering the course. Admission staff can assist you with any necessary admission requirements.

Dickinson State University

Lake Region State College

Valley City State University



Institution Subject Catalog Course Credits
Dickinson State University ACCT 497 Accounting Internship 1-3
Dickinson State University BADM 346 Human Resource Management 3
Dickinson State University BADM 356 Organizational Behavior 3
Dickinson State University BADM 497 Business Administration Internship 1-3
Dickinson State University BOTE 210 Business Communication 3
Dickinson State University EDUC 350 Portfolio Presentation 1
Dickinson State University EDUC 574 Capstone/Portfolio 1
Dickinson State University ENGL 110 College Composition I 3
Dickinson State University FIN 326 Managerial Finance 3
Dickinson State University HPER 497 Internship 1-3
Lake Region State College ART 140 Crafts 3
Lake Region State College CHEM 115 Introduction to Chemistry 4
Lake Region State College CSCI 101 Introduction to Computers 3
Lake Region State College HPER 100 Concepts of Fitness & Wellness 3
Lake Region State College HPER 210 First Aid 2
Lake Region State College MATH 103 College Algebra 3
Lake Region State College PSYC 111 Introduction to Psychology 3
Valley City State University COMM 216 Intercultural Communication 3
Valley City State University ENGL 232 Mythology 3
Valley City State University HPER 207 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries 2
Valley City State University PSYC 111 Introduction to Psychology 3