Security Policy

To protect information being gathered, this site has security measures in place including firewalls, encryption and authenticated access to internal databases where needed.


To ensure the security of all personal information collected from customers, that information is encrypted when it is being transmitted across the Web. This includes, but is not limited to, names, addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, social security numbers, financial information, credit card information and any passwords.


Domain Information
Log analysis tools are used to create summary statistics used for administering the performance of the website, diagnosis of problems and determining what information is of most interest to the public. The following information is collected for analysis only:

User client hostname: Hostname of a user/client requesting access and/or IP address if DNS is disabled

HTTP header, user-agent: User-agent information includes type of browser, version and operating system

HTTP header, referrer: Referrer specifies page from which a client accessed current page

System date: Date and time a user/client request

Status: Status code the server returned to a user/client

Content length: Content length, in bytes, of document sent to a user/client

Method: Request method used

Protocol: Transport protocol and version used


Use of Cookies
Under specific conditions, this website uses cookies to maintain uninterrupted transactions with certain applications. Memory cookies are used primarily when someone purchases products or services through the Web; they are deleted at the end of a website session. Hard cookies are generally used for saving personal options for viewing a website and remain on personal computers after sessions have ended.