Campus Councils

Students, faculty and staff contribute to the University System through their involvement in campus-based organizations and in the systemwide organizations listed here.

Council of College Faculties

The Council of College Faculties (CCF) provides a structure through which University System faculty may identify and share interests in teaching, research, and service. CCF communicates with the State Board of Higher Education regarding issues of consensus as well as matters of concern.


For more  information, contact Derek VanderMolen, Council of College Faculties President, 701-774-4237 or email here.


Council of College Faculties Constitution and Bylaws


ND State Staff Senate

The NDUS Staff Senate serves to represent staff employees from the eleven academic institutions and employees throughout the university system. The Senate identifies staff interests and issues; acts as a forum for the discussion of staff-related matters; and facilitates communication on behalf of the campus staff members with the NDUS Chancellor and the State Board of Higher Education.


For more information about NDSSS, visit the North Dakota State Staff Senate website.

North Dakota Student Association

  • Advocates for all students within the North Dakota University System
  • Works with student governments on University System campuses to meet student needs
  • Advocates for student issues that come before the North Dakota Legislature
  • Provides student perspectives to North Dakota University System councils


The North Dakota Student Association is made up of students from all 11 state-funded colleges and universities. Monthly association meetings rotate among the campuses.


For more information about NDSA, visit the North Dakota Student Association website.

ND General Education Council

The North Dakota General Education Council (NDGEC) is a faculty-led group with representation from all North Dakota University System (NDUS) institutions, as well as any tribal and private colleges and universities in North Dakota that choose to participate. Its primary purpose is to foster discussion and collaboration in reviewing general education practices, assessments, and outcomes across higher education institutions in the state. It also makes recommendations on the approval of new general education programs.

ND General Education Council Constitution
ND General Education Council Membership 2023-2024