State Board of Higher Education

Organized in 1990, the system includes two research universities, four regional universities and five community colleges.

The mission of the State Board of Higher Education is to enhance the quality of life for all those we serve and the economic and social vitality of North Dakota through the discovery, sharing and application of knowledge.

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Two years ago, leaders from all backgrounds discussed the future of education in North Dakota. Focused on evolving student needs and a changing workforce, participants envisioned education in 2030. Notes, presentations and documents found here provide a foundation for the Envision working groups as they work toward implementing short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals articulated from Envision 2030.

Employee Portrait of Tim Mihalick - ND University Systems

“The State Board of Higher Education and the North Dakota University System are committed to providing a high-quality and cost-effective education to meet the workforce demands of the future. Our focus is on student success, affordability and accessibility to programs, certificates, and apprenticeships that students need for their chosen career path.”


– Tim Mihalick, chairman of the State Board of Higher Education

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