Student Exchange and Reciprocity Programs

North Dakota public colleges and universities participate in tuition reciprocity and exchange programs to help lower the amount of tuition that non-resident students typically pay.  NDUS institutions participate in reciprocity with Minnesota, and also in student exchange programs through the Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC), and WICHE.

Minnesota-North Dakota Tuition Reciprocity Program

Under the Minnesota-North Dakota Tuition Reciprocity Program, if space is available and the program of study is approved under the reciprocity agreement, a Minnesota resident may attend a North Dakota public institution and pay the established reciprocity fee. Similarly, a North Dakota resident may attend a Minnesota public institution and pay the established reciprocity fee.


An application is required and application deadlines apply to receive the benefit of reciprocity.  Students may apply to the North Dakota/Minnesota Tuition Reciprocity Program using the link below.  If you are not able to complete the application online or if you have questions about Minnesota-North Dakota application or process, please contact the North Dakota University System Reciprocity Processor or call 701-328-2964.


ND/MN Tuition Reciprocity application — The 2022-23 reciprocity application will be available March 2022.


If you need to provide additional supporting documentation, the NDUS Application for Resident Student Status will be required.  Download the form and return it to NDUS either by mail or through the NDUS secure drop box (preferred).

Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP)

Students from participating Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC) states pay no more than 150 percent of in-state resident tuition to attend participating colleges and universities in select Midwestern states.  This student exchange program is referred to as the Midwestern Student Exchange Program (MSEP).  Contact the college you are attending to find out more about this student exchange program.

WICHE Student Exchange Programs

WICHE is the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education.  WICHE’s student exchange programs provide access for students by lowering tuition costs for out-of-state students at participating colleges and universities in select western states and territories.  Student exchange programs include undergraduate, graduate and a select few professional programs of study.



Professional Student Exchange Program (PSEP)

North Dakota participates in the Professional Student Exchange Program (PSEP) in the professional programs of study in dentistry, optometry and veterinary medicine.  The locations covered under North Dakota’s PSEP program include WICHE-designated schools, the University of Minnesota, Iowa State University and Kansas State University.  Limited scholarship dollars are available to award under this program and therefore, priority application dates have been established.


The priority application date for enrollment beginning in fall 2022 is October 15, 2021.  


PSEP provides the opportunity for ND resident students to attend out-of-state programs in three professional programs, which are not available in North Dakota. Programs supported by the ND PSEP include:

  • WICHE – Optometry, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine
  • University of Minnesota – Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine
  • Kansas State – Veterinary Medicine
  • Iowa State – Veterinary Medicine


When to apply:

DO NOT WAIT TO APPLY! Completed applications received in the North Dakota University System (NDUS) on or prior to October 15th of year preceding enrollment in the professional program will be given priority consideration. Applications received after October 15th will be given alternate consideration. Priority for funding is given to continuing students and then to new freshmen applicants. Students who are already enrolled in a program of study, but not funded, may apply; however, they will be considered an alternate candidate for funding after continuing students and new freshmen, and only if funding remains.


Applications will be reviewed and certified as either eligible-certified, alternate-certified, or non-eligible.  Alternate-certified applicants receive secondary funding consideration following certified applicants. Certification does not guarantee admission to any professional school nor does it guarantee funding from the State of North Dakota under this program.


How to Apply:  

Download and submit to the NDUS the completed Professional Student Exchange Program (PSEP) Application .


This application is to be used to apply for programs through WICHE, the University Minnesota, Kansas State and Iowa State.  Complete and submit all documents to the NDUS for consideration.  Remember, the priority deadline date is October 15th of the year preceding when your professional program of study begins.


Completed applications include:

  1. Application for Certification
  2. List of eligible colleges that the applicant is applying to
  3. Application for Resident Student Status
  4. Consent & Waiver Form
  5. Acknowledgement Form (veterinary medicine applicants only)


The Process:

  1. ND resident students must complete and submit the entire PSEP application to apply for PSEP funding to the NDUS.
  2. Completed PSEP applications are reviewed by the NDUS to determine if the applicant qualifies for certification.
    • If the ND resident applicant qualifies, the applicant will be “certified” or “alternate-certified” for consideration of PSEP support.
    • Certification is not a guarantee that that applicant will receive an award as funding is limited.
    • The NDUS determines annually the number of new applicants funded under each program based on appropriations.
    • All applicants will be notified by of their status and acceptance.
  3. Applicants apply and interview directly with the institutions they are seeking enrollment at.
  4. Once known, applicants should notify the NDUS of the institution where they have accepted enrollment at.
    • Admission to an institution does not guarantee funding under PSEP.
  5. NDUS will begin to notify applicants whether or not they were selected for PSEP funding in the spring preceding enrollment in the professional program.
    • Depending on program decision deadlines, students may have to commit to a program before they know whether or not they will receive PSEP support.
    • Applicants who are selected for funding under PSEP will be mailed a Statement of Intention & Commitment, which must be completed and returned to the NDUS to secure their award.  The Statement of Intention & Commitment details the PSEP program requirements and lists the professional program and institution where the applicant qualifies for PSEP funding at.
  6. Once accepted into the PSEP program as a funded recipient, annual applications are not required, however, recipients are expected to keep their contact information updated with the NDUS.
    • Recipients must notify the NDUS of any address, phone or email changes while participating in the PSEP program.
  7. Graduating recipients must notify the NDUS of post-graduation employment and licensing information for program tracking purposes.


Award amount:

  • The award amount at the WICHE institutions is equal to the support fee designated for each program by WICHE.
  • For the University of Minnesota, Iowa State and Kansas State programs, award amounts are based on pre-determined formulas.
  • Awards are renewable up to four years, provided the ND Legislative Assembly maintains funding for the program.
  • Recipients are responsible for all tuition and fees not covered by the PSEP support payment.


Academic Progress/Loss of Funding:

  • Awards are based on the assumption that recipients are committed to remain in the professional program from the time of entrance until completion.
    • Continual enrollment in the program of study is required. Any interruption of study could jeopardize support received from PSEP.
  • Students who do not meet the academic standards of the institution they enroll in will no longer receive support from the state.
    • Funding will not be provided for repeat course work.
  • Recipients are not permitted to defer the award should they decide to delay enrollment.
  • Recipients who receive 100% tuition reimbursement from other sources, or who gain residency in another state, will not be eligible for the PSEP support payment.
  • Funding for PSEP is contingent upon ND Legislative appropriation.


More information:

More information on the PSEP program, including helpful frequently asked questions, the ranking process and more, can be found on the WICHE website.

For questions specifically on the North Dakota PSEP program and the application process, contact the North Dakota University System (NDUS) at 701-328-2906 or at