At the heart of it: Passion drives more than teaching for DSU professor

At the heart of it: Passion drives more than teaching for DSU professor

Dickinson State University Assistant Professor of Nursing Dr. Analena Lunde is no ordinary professor. In fact, we can’t even call her just a professor.

In addition to her teaching responsibilities, she is a certified sexual assault forensic nurse. In this role, she serves as an advisor on state and national forensic/human trafficking councils for policy development, education, and practice translation. She was also recently promoted to serve as a Human Trafficking Navigator for the North Dakota statewide team, providing training and technical assistance on human trafficking.

Rounding out her resume, Dr. Lunde earned her Doctorate in Nursing Practice from Walden University in July 2018. Her recently published work “Trauma-Informed Education Toolkit for Screening Pediatric Victims of Sexual Abuse and Maltreatment,” has been accepted and implemented for the Central Dakota Forensic Nurse Examiners program.

Her dissertation work, which was in developing a rapid screening tool to identify victims of violence and maltreatment for pediatric patients, has been adopted by CHI St. Alexius and the education/documentation toolkit by the Central Dakota Forensic Nurse Examiners Program (CDFNE). In addition, the education toolkit has been copyrighted and patented.

Not surprisingly, she was named 2018 Nurse Educator of the Year and 2018 Outstanding Faculty of the Year. This sudden notoriety did not go unearned or unnoticed. Dr. Lunde has over 15 years of experience in emergency medicine, critical care, surgical services, and forensic medicine. Her work and passion for victims of violence caught the attention of her alma mater. They wrote a feature piece on her, complete with a professional photoshoot, that will be published in this spring’s Walden University Magazine!

“Walden University spotlights alumni graduates who are using their degrees and making an impact in their workplace, community or society,” explained Lunde. “They educate and encourage us to continue our scholarly work after graduation. Some of us do and some of us don’t. Well, I did!”

That piece can be read here.

Lunde continues to share her insight and expertise in and out of the classroom. She speaks at local high schools in their health sciences classes on forensics, nursing, and human trafficking. She is heavily involved in the community on health promotion/awareness related to assault, maltreatment, abuse, and now human trafficking. She also works with local, state, and national law enforcement agencies lending her services and expertise in victim identification and recovery, medical care, and long-term recovery.

Lunde is taking her outreach to the next level. She will be a guest speaker at this year’s Project A.C.E. (Action, Commitment, Education) conference and a guest presenter for NurseTim Incorporated, hosting a webinar entitled “Sexual Assault: What Every Nurse Needs to Know.”

No matter if she’s teaching a class on campus or in the community, or if she’s sharing her expertise with entities on the local or national level, Dr. Lunde has a remarkable effect on those around her. She is truly an asset to Dickinson State and the community.

Photo by Heather Landis for Walden University