NDSU names Preceptors and Pharmacy Teacher of the Year

NDSU names Preceptors and Pharmacy Teacher of the Year

NDSU’s School of Pharmacy announced three awards to pharmacists who help educate students as they pursue their future careers.

Amy Werremeyer, associate professor of pharmacy practice in the NDSU School of Pharmacy, was named Pharmacy Teacher of the Year. Dean Mattson, owner of Mattson’s Pharmacy in Roseau, Minnesota, was named Adjunct Preceptor of the Year and Julia Muzzy Williamson was named Faculty Preceptor of the Year for 2019.

NDSU fourth-year pharmacy students on clinical rotations nominate and choose the award recipients for Preceptor of the Year and first- through third-year pharmacy students nominate the teaching award recipient.

As Pharmacy Teacher of the Year, Werremeyer’s expertise includes patient education and medication experiences with psychotropic medications, photovoice and psychopharmacology. She serves as associate professor of practice in the NDSU School of Pharmacy, as well as clinical specialist in psychiatry at Sanford Health. She received her bachelor of science and doctor of pharmacy degrees from NDSU.

As Adjunct Preceptor of the Year, Dean Mattson is recognized for his willingness to share his expertise with future pharmacists and be engaged in their professional education.Mattson is a 1982 graduate of the NDSU School of Pharmacy and a member of the Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity.

“Mattson Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy and as years go by, the experience that we offer students is becoming more unique. We are very rural,” said Mattson. “I choose to be a preceptor to show students that they can have a great career in a small town.”

He recommends being a preceptor to other professional pharmacists.

“You have a great sense of fulfillment watching students grow during their rotational experience,” said Mattson. “Many students are still deciding what path they will follow with their degree and I try to be an example of what rural retail pharmacy entails for a career choice. Truthfully, we learn as much from the students as they learn from us.”

In nominating Mattson, one student mentioned that he goes above and beyond for students, both as a hard-working pharmacist and as a preceptor. “He made each day enjoyable, which inspired me to work harder,” the student said.“We worked very well together on a lot of projects, but he also let me be an independent learner. He trusted my capabilities.”

Students also shared experiences in rotations with Julia Muzzy Williamson, assistant professor of practice and Faculty Preceptor of the Year.

“Dr. Muzzy Williamson pushes me to be a better student and I don’t think I will ever be able to put into words what it has meant to me to have someone like her put her faith into me,” said the student.

Muzzy Williamson also inspires students to work on their own research projects to prepare for their future careers. Her areas of expertise and interest include pediatric/neonatal nutrition, neonatal intensive care, pediatric GI disorders, pediatric critical care and women’s health.

In addition to being an NDSU assistant professor of practice, Muzzy Williamson is a pediatric clinical pharmacist at Sanford Health. She received her doctor of pharmacy degree from the Albany College of Pharmacy.

“Whether they are full-time faculty or practicing pharmacists, they all play a vital role in preparing the next generation of pharmacists,” said Charles D. Peterson, dean of the School of Pharmacy and College of Health Professions at NDSU. “Preceptors offer pharmacy practice experiences for students to become practice ready pharmacists who are integral members of the healthcare team.”

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