NDUS Institutions Adopt Free Speech Policies

NDUS Institutions Adopt Free Speech Policies

The State Board of Higher Education and all of North Dakota University System’s 11 public colleges and universities have adopted free speech policies in response to recent state legislation.

During the last legislative sessions, Senate Bill 2320 directed the SBHE and university system’s institutions to adopt free speech policies by Aug. 27. All 11 colleges and universities made the deadline.

Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Lisa Johnson said that the policies protect free speech and freedom of expression for everyone on our campuses.

“While there have been no reported violations of First Amendment rights among NDUS campuses, we supported the legislative bill in anticipation of heightened public interest around these fundamental human rights,” Johnson said.

Senator Ray Holmberg, one of several sponsors of the bill, said the legislature and university system continue to work together to make campuses safer and to provide that the 11 campuses have policies regarding free speech and reasonable protections for both students and faculty in place.

“We now have statutes and policies to ensure that no matter where you are in the NDUS, you are covered with a coherent policy regarding important First Amendment rights,” he noted. “Both the board office and the legislature are now tasked with monitoring after implementation and look forward to the results.”