NDSU educators focus on students during COVID-19 remote teaching

NDSU educators focus on students during COVID-19 remote teaching


As NDSU instructors transitioned online, their experiences had a similar theme – focus on the well-being of the students they teach.

For example, Department of Plant Sciences faculty are doing their part to help students succeed by providing the best learning environment they can during this challenging time.

Associate professor Juan Osorno and associate professor Greta Gramig were already using some online tools in their teaching routines. So, they adapted quickly to full online teaching.

“I’m just trying to do the best I can with the tools available and have the best possible attitude,” Osorno said, noting he is concerned about students staying engaged in large classes like his Genetics course.

Gramig’s Weed Biology and Ecology course is based heavily on in-class participation and she needed to adjust to online content. “I tried to keep things simple and flexible. This is a hard time for everyone – no need to make it harder,” she said.

Barb Laschkewitsch teaches Floral Design and maintains the NDSU Horticulture Research and Demonstration Gardens. She had not used online learning tools previously, but has quickly learned YuJa, a video management and lecture capture system, and how to use her laptop computer to record lectures and floral design videos.

“Our students are the heroes in the academic institution in this ‘When will it end?’ situation,” said assistant professor of practice Anuradha Vegi, who teaches Cereal and Food Fermentation. “I want to say thank you to the students who made extra adjustments to learn the best way they can via remote learning. We teachers are playing only a small part of it all,” she said.

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