NDSU nursing takes skills online

NDSU nursing takes skills online


When NDSU nursing faculty pivoted to online learning during the coronavirus pandemic, many of them had previously used a variety of virtual tools to teach students.

“We’re trying to focus on helping each student meet the learning objectives in a creative way,” said Kolby Schaeffer Fraase, assistant professor of practice in the NDSU School of Nursing.

While practicing social distancing measures, sanitizing surfaces and using scrupulous hand washing techniques in the Nursing Skills Lab, three faculty members engaged with students online.

Students used an iPad to watch a faculty member perform a skill. The faculty member intentionally made errors, and students used the chat box feature to provide feedback in real time. They also were instructed to write down at least five things the instructor did well, and at least five things the instructor should work to improve.

“Essentially, the student became the teacher through evaluation,” said Schaeffer Fraase. The students submitted their feedback online, and participated in a group debrief. Afterwards, the instructor did the skill again, but demonstrated without errors.

Instructors used Zoom to work one-on-one with students, who practiced portions of a sterile procedure at home.

In addition, faculty members used other online tools to run live didactic courses.

“While the semester has meant a different way of delivering instruction, it has also showed us the adaptability and resilience of our students,” said Schaeffer Fraase. “These are just two of the many qualities that will help them in their future nursing careers.”

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