NDSCS announces Fall 2020 Enrollment

NDSCS announces Fall 2020 Enrollment

Fall enrollment numbers are now official at the North Dakota State College of Science. Total student enrollment is 2,829, which includes Wahpeton, Fargo, Online and Early Entry students.

While the enrollment number is a decrease of 4.97% when compared to the fall 2019 enrollment of 2,977, the College saw only a 2.7% decrease in the total number of credits in which students are enrolled.

“We are seeing fewer high school students enrolled in early entry courses this fall; however, there is a steady number of students who are continuing to pursue a certificate or degree in one of our academic programs,” said NDSCS President John Richman. “This is reflected in the number of credits our students are taking, with 52.5% of our students taking classes full time.”

There was also a slight decrease in the number of students taking classes face-to-face at the NDSCS Wahpeton location; however, the percentage of students living on campus remained steady with 839 students living in a residence hall or campus apartment.

The enrollment data shows 211 students taking all classes online, a 28.7% increase over 2019. An additional 453 students are taking classes at multiple NDSCS locations, or through a combination of in-person and online instruction.

“We continue to see a trend of college students looking for flexibility with how and when they attend their classes,” said Richman. “NDSCS continuously makes adjustments to fulfill our mission by providing our students the opportunity to learn in the mode that best fits their needs.”

Students from North Dakota comprise 71.8% of NDSCS enrollment, with 47 of the state’s 53 counties represented.