NDSCS Division for Workforce Affairs offers free UpskillingND

NDSCS Division for Workforce Affairs offers free UpskillingND

The NDSCS Division for Workforce Affairs, in conjunction with TrainND Southeast, has partnered with Microsoft to offer UpskillingND to support job seekers looking to build their skills for in-demand careers. UpskillingND utilizes self-paced virtual curriculum to learn new technology skills for in-demand jobs and earn certifications. This program provides a flexible learning experience for individuals looking to change their career path or want to enhance their skills, including individuals who have been displaced or are facing barriers to employment due to COVID-19. The five-week program is available at no cost to participants and starts October 18, 2021 and ends November 23, 2021.

UpskillingND participants work at their own pace through the five-week curriculum. In addition to the virtual training sessions, group and individual meetings with mentors are provided, and customized workshops with industry experts are offered. Participants will have access to the following: self-paced virtual curriculum from Microsoft and LinkedIn to learn skills enabling participants to earn certifications and badges; one-on-one support from experienced coaches, support with interview skills and resumé writing; support from a network of peers; connections to local companies seeking employees with these skills.

“UpskillingND is an opportunity for individuals to better themselves,” said UpskillingND Coach Sanchez-Dekarske. “I would encourage anyone, at any facet in their career, to consider this program. It can be a new beginning to refresh on things you already know and learn new skills to open up your world.”

“Often times people feel this program is too good to be true, says TrainND Program Manager Mary Beth Burns. “Due to generous donations from our business partners, this program is offered to participants at no cost.”

Interested individuals must complete a brief online application by Friday, October 15. The application form and additional information is available online at NDSCS.edu/UpskillingND.