Digital Accessibility Conference

North Dakota University System hosted a Digital Accessibility Conference Monday, March 9. The conference provided participants the opportunity to plan for and manage how campus websites become and stay compliant with NDUS Digital Accessibility Policy 1203.1.


The policy was adopted January of this year and covers how all NDUS  websites, web services and web applications need to be accessible to individuals with known disabilities as required by law. The policy will go into full effect by October.


The conference program included the following sessions:


  • A keynote on campus planning for digital accessibility;
  • Campus planning at Valley City State University;
  • Faculty training for digital accessibility;
  • A legal briefing on NDUS Policy 1203.1;
  • Web design for digital accessibility;
  • Procurement principles for digital accessibility;
  • Accessibility in the digital workspace;
  • A panel discussion on digital accessibility issues across the upper Midwest.


Chancellor Mark Hagerott and VCSU Vice President for Academic Affairs Margaret Dahlberg, Ph.D., gave the welcome and opening remarks.


“As so much of the world has become digitally interconnected it’s also vital that it remains accessible,” Hagerott said. “This conference should help all attendees move forward with more information on how to bring their campus websites and applications into compliance.”



Below are the recordings from each of the presentations given during the conference.