1000 BAND: Administrative/Managerial

Positions whose assignments require primary and major responsibility for management of the institution, or a customarily recognized department or subdivision thereof. Supervisors of professional employees are included here, while supervisors of nonprofessional employees (technical, clerical, craft and service/maintenance force) are generally categorized within the specific categories of the personnel they supervise.

1000.1100 SUB BAND: Administrative/Managerial

The Administrative/Managerial SUB BAND has two families:

  • 1105 Director/Associate Director/Manager
  • 1195 NDUS Director/Associate Director/Manager

1000.1105 Director / Associate Director / Manager


OVERTIME PAY ELIGIBILITY: Usually exempt (exempt status requires analysis documentation)

Scope of Work:

Individuals assigned to positions in this job family perform work directly related to management policies or general business operations of the institution, department, or subdivisions, etc. It is assumed that assignments in this category customarily and regularly require the incumbent to exercise discretion and independent judgment and to direct the work of others. Individuals in this category are department heads, or the equivalent if their principal activity is administrative.

Examples of Duties:

  • Evaluate ongoing services being provided by unit
  • Research new developments in the profession
  • Develop and implement short and long-term unit goals and objectives
  • Develop policies of operational unit
  • Communicate and apply institutional policies
  • Develop unit budget proposal to cover projected salary, operational and equipment expenses
  • Administer program within approved budget
  • Plan, organize and direct activities of professional and other staff members of the unit
  • Hire, train, develop, evaluate, make salary recommendations for and discipline staff

Minimum Qualifications to Enter Family:
Requires a Bachelors degree in an appropriate field and five years of directly related work experience; and licensure, registration or certification as may be required by law.

Exception: The employing institution may substitute directly related work experience or education for minimum qualification requirements with written justification.

Note: The duties listed are not intended to be all-inclusive. Duties assigned to any individual employee are at the discretion of the appointing authority.

1000.1195 NDUS Director/Associate Director/Manager


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