Academic Scholarship / Career & Technical Education Scholarship / North Dakota Scholarship

The ND Academic Scholarship, ND Career & Technical Education (CTE) Scholarship and the ND Scholarship were created to encourage and reward high school students for taking challenging coursework in preparation for attending a college or university within North Dakota.  The scholarships can be used at the ND accredited public, private, tribal or proprietary institution with a physical presence in the state.


Amount and Eligibility Requirements:

    • The total value is $6,000
      • Maximum award amount = $750 per semester, $500 per quarter, or $500 per clock-hour term.
    • Recipients have up to six years following high school graduation to use the scholarship.
    • To qualify for a disbursement, recipients must be:
      • Enrolled full time, as defined by the financial aid office at the institution for financial aid purposes;
        • Students in their final term to graduate may still qualify for payment if not enrolled full time.  Contact the NDUS at 701-328-4156 to request an override of this one-time exception to full time enrollment.
      • Maintain the minimum grade point average (GPA), or clock-hour equivalent, requirement of 2.75;
      • Maintain degree progress requirements of the scholarship.  Degree progress means earning a minimum number of credits or clock hours before qualifying for the next payment.


Degree progress:

  • Payments 1 & 2 = require full time enrollment
  • Payment 3 = requires 24 credits or 900 clock-hours
  • Payment 4 = requires 39 credits or 1,462.5 clock-hours 
  • Payment 5 = requires 54 credits of 2,025 clock-hours
  • Payment 6 = requires 69 credits or 2,587.5 clock-hours
  • Payment 7 = requires 84 credits or 3,150 clock-hours
  • Payment 8 = requires 99 credits or 3,712.5 clock-hours 


How to apply: In addition to taking the required high school coursework and meeting the required grade point average and testing requirements, an application is required.  High school students complete the application with the ND Department of Public Instruction.  Questions regarding the application can be directed to the Office of School Approval & Opportunity at 701-328-2244.



If you have questions regarding these state scholarship programs, please contact the NDUS at or at 701-328-2964.