400 Series – Academic Affairs

Procedure Number Procedure Name
402.0 Common Admission Applications
402.1.2 Student Placement into College Courses
402.2 Admission Requirements for Baccalaureate Programs 
402.3 Home Educated Applicants

(Chancellor waived paragraph 2 for applicants through Summer 2022 as of 6/10/2021. Chancellor waived paragraph 4 for applicants through Summer 2023 as of 9/28/2021.)

402.4 Admission Policies – Transfer Applicants
402.4.1 Washington State Community and Technical College Transfer Summary
402.4.2 Minnesota System of Colleges and Universities Transfer Summary
402.4.3 South Dakota University System Transfer Admission
402.4.4 Wyoming Community College Transfer Summary
402.4.5 California Community College Transfer Summary
402.4.6 Oregon Transfer Summary
402.4.7 Montana University System Transfer Summary
402.9 Admissions Procedures – New Applicants with International Coursework>
402.11 Tests of High School Equivalency
403.1.2 Current Academic Program Review
403.1.3 New Academic Program Review
403.7.0 Transfer Appeals
403.7.5 System Satisfactory Academic Progress and Cumulative Grade Point Average Calculation
403.7.6 Declared Program of Study
403.8 Major and Minor Equivalency
404.0 Collaborative Student Procedure
404.1.1 ND IVN Approval Procedure
404.2 Guidelines for Establishing Collaborative Courses and Programs
405.1 Student Teaching Field Experiences
407.0 Reverse Transfer
409 Degrees Offered
420 Accreditation Visits
421 Academic Program Requests
440 Enrollment Reporting
441 Degree Credit, Non-Degree Credit, Developmental Coursework, and Non-Credit Instructional Activity
460 General Education Requirements Transfer Agreement (GERTA)
461 Alternative General Education Program (AGEP)
462 Common Course Numbering (CCN)
463 Credit-by-Exam
464 Articulation Agreements or Memorandum of Understanding/Agreement
465 Military General Education Requirement Transfer Agreement (GERTA)
466 Academic Discipline Group
469.1 College Credit in High School