500 Series – Student Affairs

Procedure Number Procedure Name
501 Student Finance
502 Financial Aid Suspected Fraud
503 Use of Chosen Name
504 Residency for Tuition Purposes
505 Student Health Insurance
506.1 Immunizations
508.1 ND Student Financial Assistance Program
508.2 ND Academic and Career and Technical Education Scholarship Administration
508.3 Skilled Workforce Scholarship and Student Loan Repayment Programs
508.4 ND Scholars Program

Executive Order 2020-32 temporarily waives 2 requirements of Procedure: 508.4 ND Scholars Program.


First, the July 1 test date changed to August 1, 2020.
“Applicants must be ranked according to composite scores on the test of academic achievement administered by ACT, Inc. and must place in at least the ninety-fifth percentile of all students taking the test by July 1 in the calendar year preceding the applicant’s enrollment in college. “


Second, the 3.50 cumulative GPA maintenance is waived for the 2019-20 Scholars. The 3.50 cumulative GPA requirement will be reinstated following spring 2021.
“Scholars must maintain at least a 3.50 cumulative GPA for renewal of the scholarship.”

508.5 Professional Student Exchange Programs
508.6 Tribal College Assistance Grants
511 Student Criminal History Background Checks
513 Complaints to the North Dakota University System office
515 Behavioral Intervention Teams