600 Series – Personnel

Policy Number Policy Name
601.1 Presidential Searches
601.2 Acting Chief Executive Officer
602.2 Faculty Appointment Report
602.3 Job Applicant and Employee Criminal History Background Checks
603.1 Harassment and Discrimination
603.2 Equal Employment Opportunity
603.3 Nepotism
604.1 Performance Evaluations Presidents
604.2 Performance Evaluations Chancellor
604.3 Performance Evaluations Benefited Employees
605.1 Academic Freedom and Tenure; Academic Appointments
605.2 Standing Committee on Faculty Rights
605.3 Nonrenewal, Termination or Dismissal of Faculty
605.4 Hearings and Appeals
605.5 Mediation
606.1 Classification – Higher Education Employees
607.0 Application of Human Resource Policy Manual; Compensation and Benefits
607.4 Sick and Dependent Leave; Family Leave
608.2 NDUS Employees – Non-renewal and Dismissals
608.3 Professional Staff Compensation
609 Communications Proficiency
610 Oaths for Teachers
611.1 Employee Responsibility and Activities: Medical Service Plan-UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences
611.2 Employee Responsibility and Activities: Intellectual Property
611.5 Employee Responsibilities and Activities: Outside Employment or Consulting Practices; Use of Institution Property
611.6 Employee Responsibility and Activities: Confidential Proprietary Information
611.8 Employee Responsibility and Activities: Research on Human Subjects
611.9 Selection of Textbooks and Other Curricular Materials
611.10 Employee Responsibility and Activities: Theft, Fraud, Abuse and Waste
611.12 Use of State Vehicles
612 Faculty Grievances
614 Hazardous Substances Information Program
615 Drug Free Workplace
616 Career and Technical Program Instructor Certification Standards