Open Educational Resources


Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching, learning, and research materials that are either in public domain or licensed in a manner that provides everyone with free and perpetual permission to engage in the 5R activities:


Retain – make, own, and control a copy of the resource

Reuse – use your original, revised, or remixed copy of resource publicly

Revise – edit, adapt, and modify your copy of the resource

Remix – combine your original and revised copy of the resource with other existing material to create something new

Redistribute – share copes of your original, revised, or remixed copy of resources with others

The North Dakota University System has compiled the institutions OER repositories for a one-stop shop for faculty and staff to utilize.

Committee Members
  • Rebecca Ringham, Minot State University
  • Sybil Priebe, North Dakota State College of Science
  • Kim Anvinson, North Dakota State University
  • Jackson Harper, University of North Dakota
  • Virginia Clinton-Lisell, University of North Dakota
  • Kiersten Baughman, Valley City State University
  • Kirby Lund, Williston State College
  • Lisa Johnson, North Dakota University System Office
  • Claire Gunwall, North Dakota University System Office
For More Information Contact

Claire Gunwall

Director of Academic Affairs

600 E Boulevard Ave, Dept 215

Bismarck, ND 58505-0230