North Dakota State Grant and Scholarships

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The Student Financial Assistance Program, also known as the State Grant, provides a non-repayable need-based grants to North Dakota residents who are first-time undergraduate students.  Students must be pursuing an eligible program at a qualifying North Dakota institution, and must be enrolled at least quarter-time.  Qualifying institutions include the state accredited public, tribal, and private institutions, provided the institutions have programs of study of at least two years in length.


State Grant Amount

    • The North Dakota State Grant awards up to $1,375 per semester or $917 per quarter, based on enrollment status.
    • Students reapply each year by completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Complete the FAFSA annually as soon as possible after October 1st.  Funding under the state grant is limited, so early application is recommended.
    • Eligibility is limited to eight semesters or twelve quarters of full-time equivalent undergraduate enrollment, or the attainment of a baccalaureate degree, whichever comes first.


Eligibility Criteria

    • North Dakota resident applicants must have:
      • Graduated from a high school in this state (ensure your high school name, city and state is listed on your FAFSA);
      • Graduated from a high school in a bordering state pursuant to N.D.C.C. ch. 15.1-29; (contact the NDUS at to inquire on eligibility);
      • Graduated from a nonpublic high school in a bordering state while residing with a custodial parent in this state (contact the NDUS at to inquire on eligibility);
      • Completed a program of home education supervised in accordance with N.D.C.C. ch. 15.1-23 (send your final high school transcript showing your high school courses taken to NDUS);
      • Received a general educational development high school diploma (GED) from the North Dakota Superintendent of Public Instruction (send your final earned GED certificate to NDUS).
      • Applicants who, because of a medically certifiable disability, may enroll at an accredited institution of higher education outside of North Dakota which offers the individual special services or facilities not available in this state, provided the institution offers a program of instruction equal to at least two academic years.  Contact the NDUS to inquire.


If you have questions regarding the ND State Grant, please contact the NDUS at or at 701-328-4156.




North Dakota University System colleges and universities offer partial to full waivers of tuition for certain groups.  Some are mandated by state law, while others are designated by the State Board of Higher Education or at the institution’s discretion.


Waiver Eligibility

    • Law Enforcement Officers
    • National Guard Members
    • Surviving dependents of POW/MIA veterans who were killed in action, died of service-related causes, were prisoners of war, have 100% service-connected disability, or who were declared missing in action
    • Surviving spouse and children of firefighters, emergency medical service personnel, and peace officers who died as a result of injuries received in the line of duty
    • Senior citizens
    • North Dakota University System employees and spouses/dependents of system employees
    • Campuses may also offer tuition and fee reductions to create culturally and economically diverse student bodies, to attract graduate students and researchers, and for other purposes consistent with each institution’s mission.


How to Apply

Contact the North Dakota University System campus you plan to attend to determine if you are eligible.